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Navicopa V3 supports Server Side Includes (SSI).


To implement this,  place something like this in you web page:


<!--#include virtual="path/file"-->


<!--#include file="path/file"-->


For example:


<!--#include virtual="/page-elements/header.html"-->


As Navicopa serves the page it will check this section and automatically find and include the relevant file at that point. The original code above will not be sent with the page.


Comment marks are included so that in the event of the processing not being properly undertaken (eg you use the same page on a server that does not support SSI) and the original code is sent, it will be skipped by the browser, rather than producing error messages.


This is a simple and effective way of compiling a page from common components. In the above example, a header common to all pages on the site will be put into each page. If you should want to change the header you only need to edit one file, and it will immediately be updated in all pages that use it.


Similarly, a site menu can be included.