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NaviCOPA supports the use of this powerful and popular scripting language, available from http://www.php.net/downloads.php


NaviCOPA supports all versions of PHP up to (at least) 5.2.1. PHP also provides an excellent interface for MySQL, and this has been used successfully with NaviCOPA and MySQL version 5.0.19. phpMyAdmin is an excellent interface for configuring MySQL databases and version has been used successfully with NaviCOPA


You will need to show NaviCOPA where the PHP files are located - click on a hotspot below for further information.


NOTE that any pages that use PHP must be given the file extension php eg index.php. The script in such pages will be passed to PHP for processing and the results sent to the requesting browser.


NaviCOPA provides an excellent environment for developing PHP scripts. Changed files can simply be saved across your network to the NaviCOPA server (or of course NaviCOPA can be installed on your desktop machine), and then fetched with a browser for an instant check on them.


NOTE that PHP pages must be loaded via NaviCOPA, via a URL as: If simply fetched across the network via file-sharing, they will not work.


If you wish to check on the current features of your installation of PHP, construct a simple file containing one line - phpinfo(); - and fetch that with a browser.