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This tab allows the configuration of Virtual Hosts


If the default path is enabled, then the data in this location will be available, however the server is accessed, eg: (from within the local network) (from the server machine itself) (from the internet, using the IP address of the server or its router)
http://www.myserver.com (from the internet using a registered domain and host name whose DNS entry points to your server)
http://www.anothernameformyserver.com (from the internet using an alternative registered domain and host name)


If the default path is not enabled, then accessing the server in the above ways will result in failure, effectively making it invisible to casual scanners.


But you can change this to any location you choose. Access will only be available to the directory set and its sub-directories - be cautious that you do not give access to sensitive data.


If you have registered domains (with or without sub-domains), you can point their DNS entries to your NaviCOPA Web Server, and enable it to provide a response.


For example, if you set the DNS entry for www.subdomain.mydomain.com to point to the external IP Address of your server, enable a Virtual Host with this name, and point NaviCOPA to an area of your disc drive, then the data stored there will be made available under this host name.


NOTE that the data path must always be available to NaviCOPA, so network drives may not be suitable. Any location on local drives will always be available, even if the currently logged-in user does not have Administrative rights, as NaviCOPA runs as a service under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista


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Pressing the Add or Edit buttons opens a dialog like that below to allow the addition of Virtual Hosts or the Editing of the details of existing Virtual Hosts.


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